In the patent “Hermetic high frequency surface mount microelectronic package,” an innovative solution for microelectronic circuit packaging is presented. This hermetic package features a ceramic base with conductive, hermetically sealed vias that connect the metal ground plane on the base’s bottom to the circuit on the top.

Unlike traditional methods, this package eliminates the need for a separate bottom component and brazing operation, simplifying the manufacturing process. The hermetically sealed vias offer efficient power dissipation due to their thermal conductivity and provide excellent RF grounds to isolate different circuit stages.

Furthermore, the leads in this package are designed with a tapered section to optimize impedance, reducing inductance and capacitance. A layer of conducting silver-loaded solder glass connects the leads to the circuit and seals them to the base, ensuring electrical connectivity and hermetic sealing.

The ceramic frame, sealed to the top of the base, along with the lid sealed to the frame, completes the package, providing robust protection for microelectronic circuits. The top surface of the frame is metallized, enabling hermetic sealing of the lid through soldering.

The high-frequency surface mount microelectronic package represents a significant advancement in circuit protection and packaging technology, offering enhanced performance and reliability for various electronic applications.

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