At Hermetic Seal Technology, we have been leading the way in custom glass-to-metal seal solutions for lithium battery systems since 1994. Our commitment to innovation is evident in our specially formulated Lithium corrosion-resistant glass, designed to significantly reduce corrosion and effectively isolate lithium electrolytes in batteries from external elements.

Tailored Seals for Advanced Battery Systems Our custom seals cater to a variety of lithium battery systems, including Lithium/Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) and Lithium/Thionyl Chloride (Li/SOCl2), among others. These systems are integral to devices across several critical sectors such as medical implantables like pacemakers and defibrillators, as well as in military and aerospace applications, where reliable battery performance is crucial.

The Science Behind Our Lithium Battery Seals The technology that underpins our lithium battery seals is rooted in a deep understanding of material interaction and sealing mechanics. The use of advanced glass materials, such as our own HST Custom Lithium Corrosion Resistant Glass and other specialized low silica glasses, ensures that our seals can withstand extreme conditions while maintaining the integrity and longevity of the battery.

We employ precision techniques like brazing, glass formulation, and resistance welding to achieve seals that are not only robust but also highly resistant to the harsh environments typically encountered by lithium batteries. This includes resistance to high pressures and temperatures, as well as aggressive chemical exposures.

Ensuring Quality and Reliability Each seal undergoes stringent testing, including 100% leak tests, high voltage breakdown, and insulation resistance testing, to ensure it meets the highest standards of hermeticity and performance. Our “Clean-Seal” technology further enhances the quality by eliminating oxidation and chemical residues, which could otherwise affect welding and material corrosion resistance.

For more insights into our Lithium Battery Seals and to explore how they can enhance the reliability and performance of your applications, please visit our detailed page here.

Our expertise and continuous innovation in the field of hermetic sealing technology enable us to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed the demanding requirements of modern lithium battery systems, ensuring safety, efficiency, and longevity.