Our experience and expertise in hermetic welding plus brazing allows us to offer range of glass-to-metal seals for the healthcare, military, aerospace, electronic, and automotive applications.

Using resistance welding, we are able to hermetically join glass-to-metal seals to metal surfaces, such as battery lids. To ensure the high hermeticity of the packages, we take into consideration factors such as the type of materials, component design, and welding parameters to ensure the welding process will not damage the glass-to-metal seal

Beyond our in-house welding and testing capabilities, HST can also produce brazed leak-tight assemblies. By hermetic brazing, various components and materials can be joined together. Regardless of the processing approach we adopt, be it welding or brazing, all our hermetically sealed components are subject to 100% leak tests. We guarantee a hermeticity of better than 1 x 10-8 cc/sec of helium on all our welded or brazed packages. We test both the weld (or braze) and the glass-to-metal seal to make sure the package is leak free.

When hermeticity has to be guaranteed, Hermetic Seal Technology is the solution.