Sealed connector system for demanding commercial vehicle applications

Mouser now ships the DT-XT sealed connector system from TE Connectivity. Part of the company’s DEUTSCH connector portfolio, the DT-XT sealed connector system employs advanced sealing materials highlighting a covalent bond, providing high flexibility, durability, and enhanced tear resistance for commercial vehicles working in harsh environments.

This sealed connector system offers advanced seal materials providing greater flexibility that leads to improved tear resistance. The connectors provide an integrated locking system to give secure mating and electrical connection to the vehicle. The seal covers are constructed of high-consistency rubber and resist water ingress, shielding the seal from damage through terminal insertion or extraction. The system is offered in a wide range of colours and custom options, enhancing error-proofing and removing the requirement for the labelling of wires. The IP69K-rated and J2030 power-wash-tested connectors are compatible with current industry tool standards, excluding the requirement for costly redesigns.

Mouser offers various DEUTSCH components, including DTM EEC headers, 983 hermetic series connectors, and HD harsh environment connectors. The headers and connectors offer an environmentally sealed solution with a current rating of 7.5A for PCB applications. The 983 hermetic series connectors are qualified to the EN2997 specification, providing specialised performance in high-temperature, extreme-vibration environments, such as aircraft engines and booster applications. Its HD harsh environment connectors comprise the HD10, HD30, and HDP20 series connectors. The HD10 series is employed primarily for diagnostic connectors, whereas the heavy-duty aluminium HD30 and rugged thermoplastic HDP20 series are designed for bus, truck, and off-highway applications.

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