PIC Wire & Cable

PIC Wire & Cable military cables and military cable assemblies are designed, manufactured and tested to perform with reliability in harsh environments. Our coax cable and triax cable, including RF cable and video cable, is widely specified for use in major military systems worldwide.

Our lightweight military cable solutions can significantly reduce fuel consumption and increase payload capacity. A reduction in maintenance time and cost can also be realised with PIC Wire & Cable’s field replaceable connectors.

We have 40 years of application success in major military programs including Hunter UAV, Chinook helicopter glass cockpit upgrade, the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System (JPATS), and T-38 retrofit. We also manufacture for military ground vehicles programs, including the Blue Force Tracker.

Military cable programs
PIC Wire & Cable provided the following for the Blue Force Tracker program:

Command and control RF antenna cable
Replaced standard RG393 with PIC S33141
Saved up to 10lbs per vehicle plus 20% better shielding, 20% lower loss and 40% smaller diameter
Delivered 500,000ft since 2004
Total weight savings to date: 46,000lb
No field issues = low operating cost

Aircraft cables and interconnect solutions

PIC Wire & Cable offers a proven selection of aircraft cables and interconnect solutions providing superior performance for advanced military electronic applications including:

Navigation: DME, GPS, radio altimeter, VOR, marker beacon
Collision avoidance: TCAS, ACAS, Mode S
Communications: HF, VHF, UHF, cellular, Satcom, LANs
Video: cockpit displays, surveillance cameras

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