New MGA-S Fuse Is Hermetically Sealed and Robust

SCHURTER has improved the packaging of its space fuse series MGA-S, with an enhanced dissipative structure on the outer layer of the ESD bag. The outer layer of the old packaging was aluminum with abrasion-resistant coating. The material of the outer layer of the new packaging is a static-dissipative polyester.

The MGA-S is hermetically sealed and robust. It has a small construction with a rated current range of 0.14 – 3.5A, and a high breaking capacity of up to 300A. Its small dimensions in a popular 1206 footprint [3.2 mm by 1.55 mm] make the MGA-S the smallest SMD fuse qualified for use in equipment for space. Rated voltage range is 32 – 125 V AC, 125 V DC, this non-resettable fuse is qualified according to ESCC Generic

Specification 4008 and associated detail specification 4008/001.

The MGA-S with its thin film technology (metal sputter process) increases the long-term stability of the fuse through the homogeneous crystal structure of the metal layers. Applications include equipment that is launched into orbit, with a specific focus on satellite power system architectures. This includes protection of power supplies, batteries and solar arrays.

The MGA-S is built according to UL 248-14 and CSA 22.2 no. 248-14 and carries UL and CSA recognition. It is also tested according to MIL-STD 202, Method 108A, 103B, 106E, 107D, 211A & 215A.

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