Innovating with Precision: Our Custom Hermetic Seals

At Hermetic Seal Technology, innovation and precision are at the heart of everything we do. Our custom hermetic seals and feedthroughs are designed to provide unparalleled reliability under the most demanding conditions, tailored to fit the precise needs of your applications.

Bespoke Solutions Across Industries Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of industries, including electronics, power generation, and opto-electronics, where precise and reliable hermetic sealing is crucial. Our custom-designed seals ensure optimal performance, whether they’re used in battery feed-throughs, sensor packages, or aerospace components.

The Technology of Glass-to-Metal Seals The technology behind our glass-to-metal seals is founded on a deep understanding of material science and engineering principles. We select from a variety of metals and glasses, crafting a composite that is as robust as it is precise. The interaction between the glass insulator and the metal body is critical, as it determines the effectiveness of the hermetic seal. Our glass formulations are designed to match the thermal expansion properties of the metal, ensuring a bond that can withstand thermal shocks and mechanical stress.

Our advanced manufacturing techniques, such as brazing and resistance welding, contribute to the high quality of our seals. These processes are meticulously controlled to ensure the integrity of the bond between the glass and the metal, which is essential for maintaining the seal’s hermeticity.

Custom Capabilities and Comprehensive Quality We understand that no two applications are the same, which is why we offer extensive customization options. Our seals can be designed with various materials, configurations, and coatings to meet specific requirements. From prototype to production, every step is guided by our commitment to quality and precision.

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