Hermetic Seal Technology: Optimize Protection – A Guide to Hermetic Seals

As highlighted in the article \”3 Types of Hermetic Seals\” by Newswire, hermetic seals stand as essential solutions in preventing material leakage, achieving airtightness through fusion welding facilitated by high-energy lasers. The efficacy of a hermetic seal in providing superior protection relies significantly on the type employed. Here, we delve into three main categories of hermetic seals to elucidate their characteristics and applications.

Glass-to-Metal Seals

This seal type involves fusing glass and metal, renowned for its strength and versatility, evident in everyday items like light bulb bases and pressure-tight glass windows. Two subtypes exist within this category:

Matched Seals: Comprising metal alloys and components with identical coefficients of thermal expansion, these seals, while weaker, offer specific advantages.

Compression Seals: Formed when there\’s a disparity in coefficients of thermal expansion, compression seals exhibit greater strength, capable of withstanding physical stress and high-pressure fluctuations.

Ceramic-to-Glass Seals

Offering robustness and superior performance in high-voltage, high-temperature, and high-stress environments, ceramic-to-glass seals serve as an alternative to traditional glass seals, albeit with higher manufacturing complexity and cost.

Epoxy Seals

Primarily utilized for sealing brass, copper, and similar materials with matching coefficients of thermal expansion, epoxy resins find application in vacuum seals, albeit with limited tolerance for high temperatures.

Before selecting a hermetic package, it\’s imperative to recognize the diverse applications of hermetic seals across industries. Understanding the available options is crucial for determining the most suitable sealing method for specific requirements.

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