Hermetic Seal Technology: Exploring the Role of Hermetic Connectors in Harsh Conditions

Hermetic connectors serve as essential guardians against the infiltration of air, gases, and liquids into vacuum-sealed environments, particularly in rugged settings. But what exactly are these connectors, and why are they indispensable in challenging conditions?

Designed to withstand harsh environments, hermetic connectors undergo rigorous testing to ensure no detectable gas or fluid leakage. Capable of enduring pressures exceeding 10,000 psi, they maintain a stable pressure differential across assemblies, crucial for military, offshore, and industrial applications. Typically featuring glass seals, these connectors rely on the glass’s rigidity to form a hermetic seal when compressed against a metal shell.

Moreover, hermetic connectors exhibit resilience to extreme temperature fluctuations, ranging from approximately -100° to 200°C, and are engineered to withstand damaging vibrations.

These connectors boast versatile designs, accommodating various conductor types, including copper, brass, or nickel iron pin contacts, insulated conductors, and fiber optic cables. They can be integrated into helium gas-tight bulkheads or harness assemblies, often with connectors preinstalled for seamless implementation.

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