Hermetic Seal Technology: Advancing Encapsulation Technology with Hermetic Seal Technique for Microelectronics

In the patent titled “Low internal temperature technique for hermetic sealing of microelectronic enclosures,” introducing a pioneering method for enclosing microelectronic circuit elements in hermetically sealed packages, setting a new standard in enclosure integrity.

This technique involves the use of a planar ceramic substrate and a box-like ceramic cover sealed with a fused glass coating. Initially applied as a paste, the glass sealant undergoes firing at high temperatures and subsequent cooling to produce a smooth glass coating.

Once the cover is in place on the substrate, the glass coating is remelted by heat generated by four line-focused radiant heaters positioned at the package’s four sides. Each heater’s radiation is precisely focused at the interface line between the cover and the substrate. This focused heat minimizes unwanted heat transfer into the package, preventing damage to heat-sensitive elements.

Upon removal of the radiant heat, the glass hardens through fusion and/or chemical bonding with the cover and substrate, ensuring true hermetic sealing.

Low internal temperature technique represents a significant advancement in encapsulation technology, providing enhanced protection for microelectronic circuit elements while maintaining their integrity.

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