Ensuring Longevity and Safety in Lithium Batteries Seals

As pioneers in the field of hermetic seal technology, Hermetic Seal Technology is dedicated to advancing the performance and safety of lithium battery systems through our custom-designed glass-to-metal seals. Our seals are crafted to provide superior isolation and protection for lithium batteries, which are pivotal in numerous high-stake applications.

Customization for Diverse Applications Our hermetic seals are specifically designed for a wide range of lithium battery types, including those used in oil exploration, medical devices, and even military equipment. The customization capability allows us to address the unique requirements of different battery chemistries and configurations, enhancing their performance and reliability.

Advanced Materials and Sealing Technology The cornerstone of our seals is the use of specially formulated glass materials that offer high resistance to corrosion caused by lithium electrolytes. This innovative approach helps in extending the shelf life of batteries and reducing maintenance needs. The glass materials are chosen for their ability to endure the specific environmental conditions of each application, thereby maintaining a consistent performance throughout the battery’s lifecycle.

Our manufacturing processes incorporate advanced techniques such as glass smelting and laser welding, which ensure that each seal is precisely engineered to provide optimal hermeticity. This is critical in preventing moisture and foreign contaminants from compromising the battery’s integrity and functionality.

Commitment to Quality and Innovation We rigorously test each seal to guarantee a hermeticity rate of less than 1 x 10^8 cc/sec helium leak rate, adhering to the highest standards of quality. Our ISO-compliant production facilities are equipped to handle orders ranging from small batches to large-scale productions, ensuring flexibility and scalability for our clients.

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