In the insightful feature, “Building a Better Rugged Connector for Military Products” on EE Times, the challenging realm of developing robust connectors for military applications is unveiled.

Military subassemblies, modules, and components, spanning avionics, ground vehicles, and portable electronics, are subjected to a spectrum of harsh conditions. These include extreme temperatures, high shock, and relentless vibration. Moreover, the pursuit of lighter and more compact designs, essential for space- and weight-constrained systems, makes durability and reliability paramount.

Connector makers grapple with the monumental task of ensuring that their interconnects not only provide fast and reliable connections but also withstand extended use in these demanding conditions. This necessitates addressing challenges like mating cycles for longevity, ingress protection, and user-friendliness. High-speed data transmission capabilities are also gaining prominence in new communication designs.

Wayde King, product manager at ITT Cannon, emphasizes the significance of connectors that can thrive in challenging terrains and harsh conditions. The Cannon Breakaway functionality, featured on connectors like the Nemesis II CBA and MKJ4 Nett Warrior-Style interconnects, allows soldiers to swiftly mate and de-mate connectors from devices in a matter of seconds. This minimizes equipment damage and ensures that warfighters remain connected and protected in the field.

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Photo and article with all rights reserved, courtesy of EE Times