In the insightful article “Can Coherent Optics Reduce Data-Center Power?” on Semiconductor Engineering, the quest for efficiency in data centers takes center stage. At the forefront of technological advancements, the exploration of coherent optics and its potential to revolutionize power consumption within data centers is delved into.

As optical bandwidth requirements surge, coherent modulation schemes emerge as a solution to maximize data transmission on the same laser light while minimizing power consumption, especially over extended connections. James Pond, principal product manager for photonics at Ansys, highlights the significance of coherent data communications in optimizing data packing within a given power budget.

While coherent optics traditionally find their place in longer-range applications, there is a growing anticipation of their role in reducing power demands for intra–data-center communications. Actively investigating the possibilities and considering strategies such as lowering individual laser power and minimizing the number of lasers used, the challenges posed by support circuitry are acknowledged by the industry.

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