In the comprehensive chapter titled “Hermetic Packaging for Resonant MEMS” on Wiley Online Library, the realm of resonant micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS) devices. The chapter unveils the precision and expertise that brings to the packaging of resonant MEMS, including gyroscopes and time reference resonators.

Resonant MEMS devices thrive on the delicate interplay between the natural frequency of hermetically sealed resonators and various signals of interest, such as temperature, stress, acceleration, or pressure. This chapter serves as a pivotal guide, delving into packaging techniques tailored explicitly for MEMS resonators, where vacuum encapsulation and hermetic sealing reign supreme.

Two overarching categories of MEMS packaging techniques, namely die-level packaging and wafer-level packaging, take center stage. These techniques play a pivotal role in shaping the crucial attributes of the resonator, spanning cost, reliability, and performance. However, one aspect stands out as particularly critical: the precise control of pressure within the package.

The versatility of these packaging techniques extends to products that amalgamate various types of resonant MEMS, each with its unique packaging requisites. This includes applications ranging from chemical sensors to gyroscopes, where innovation in packaging techniques finds profound relevance.

The chapter from Wiley Online Library, reveals the intricate world of resonant MEMS packaging and the essential role the company plays in advancing this technology.

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