A groundbreaking invention, described in the patent “Implantable medical device comprising a hermetically sealed housing.” This pioneering development introduces an implantable medical device with a hermetically sealed housing, housing an electronic unit and an electrochemical energy storage. The innovation boasts an energy storage arrangement directly within the hermetically tight housing, eliminating the need for a separate housing.

This advancement significantly impacts the field of medical devices, particularly in the context of hearing aids. The invention caters to patients with sensorineural hearing disorders, especially those with complete hearing loss due to various factors. For individuals where only the cochlea is affected and the auditory nerve remains functional, the device facilitates electrical stimulation of the auditory nerve, enabling a perception of sound and potential speech comprehension.

The implant, such as a cochlear implant (CI), involves an array of stimulation electrodes controlled by an electronic system. This system, encapsulated hermetically and biocompatibly, is surgically embedded in the bony area behind the ear (mastoid). Notably, the electronic system encompasses decoder and driver circuits for the stimulation electrodes.

The innovation eliminates the need for external processing, as acoustic sound reception and signal conversion occur within the implant. This transformative approach revolutionizes the traditional external speech processors, streamlining signal transmission through inductive coupling, transcutaneously to the implant.

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Image and article courtesy of patents.google.com