In the paper titled “Hermetic Sealing of Microelectronics Packages Using a Room Temperature Soldering Process,” an innovative approach to hermetically sealing microelectronic packages without subjecting components to high reflow temperatures is unveiled.

The process involves utilizing a multilayered reactive foil comprised of nanoscale layers of elements with large negative heats of mixing, such as aluminum and nickel. Activation of the reaction in the foil through a small electrical or thermal stimulus generates heat, melting the adjoining solder layers and permanently joining the package lid to the base.

This method achieves a hermetic seal between an Au-plated stainless steel lid and base, showcasing helium leak rates of less than 1 x 10-10 atm-cc/sec. Remarkably, this sealing process eliminates the need for high reflow temperatures and expensive methods like laser welding, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative.

The room temperature soldering process represents a significant advancement in microelectronics packaging, enhancing reliability while reducing manufacturing costs and equipment requirements.

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