The art of working with glass dates back millennia, but innovative technology is pushing the glass industry into the modern era. One of the companies at the vanguard of glass-to-metal sealing technology is Yamamura Photonics. Founded in 1949, the company has grown into an industry leader and its core Glass To Metal Seal (GTMS) technology has applications ranging from X-ray devices to high-voltage railroads.

Sealing glass to metal is a complicated process. Yamamura’s GTMS technology has enabled the company to develop a wide range of products such as the TO-Cap, a flat window or lens cap with high hermeticity used in LD and PD hermetic packages, and the Glass LID used in thinner packages such as LEDs or lasers.

These products have been developed through Yamamura’s own take on monozukuri. Company president Tomoyuki Taguchi explains that “the most important thing is to manufacture and provide products which can cater to customers’ needs. This is a process of continuous improvement.”

Yamamura recently exhibited its Low Temperature Co-Fired Ceramics (LTCC) green sheets for substrates, which are lead-free and have been developed for 5G applications, having a lower dielectric loss compared to conventional sheets. This understanding of the developing needs of the market comes from the company’s dedication to communicating with its customers, which Mr. Taguchi says differentiates Yamamura from its competitors. The company’s customer-centricity has been key to its expansion into the Asian market, and Mr. Taguchi reveals plans to grow in North America and Europe as well.

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