Customizing Battery Lids for Extreme Downhole Conditions

Summary: Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc. (HST) collaborated with a European downhole oil and gas service company to design and manufacture custom lithium thionylchloride batteries equipped with robust, hermetic power feed-through battery lids. These batteries had to withstand extreme downhole conditions such as high temperatures and pressures, corrosion, and intense shock and vibration. Leveraging its proprietary lithium corrosion-resistant glass and expertise in pin and body metal combinations, HST provided a tailor-made solution that exceeded the customer’s requirements for long-term power reliability and seal integrity.

Industry: Oil and Gas
Category: Custom Lithium Thionylchloride Battery Design
Process: Customized Glass Formulation, Material Selection, Process Optimization, Leak Testing

A European downhole oil and gas service company faced the challenge of needing a highly specialized lithium thionylchloride battery for their wireless downhole information technology. This battery had to be robust enough to not only survive but also function reliably in extreme downhole conditions. Traditional battery solutions were falling short, requiring a specialized approach to ensure long-term, reliable power to downhole tools and sensors.

HST’s engineering team took on the challenge with our years of experience in supplying hermetic power feed-through battery lids for similar downhole applications. Our proprietary lithium corrosion-resistant glass was the cornerstone of the solution. This unique glass prevents electrolyte corrosion at the glass-to-metal seal, thereby maintaining the integrity of the hermetic seal.

Beyond the glass, our expertise allowed us to recommend the optimal pin and body metal combinations for a robust design capable of enduring extreme downhole conditions. HST also aided in design iteration, creating several different versions of the lid to help the customer identify the best solution for their specific needs. We further optimized the design for manufacturability and cost-efficiency.

By partnering closely with the customer throughout the design and development process, we delivered a custom battery solution that exceeded their stringent requirements. Every seal produced underwent 100% leak testing, ensuring the highest level of reliability for this critical downhole application. The finalized battery displayed an outstanding level of durability and long-term power output, cementing the customer’s reputation as a pioneer in downhole technology.