About Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc.

Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc. (HST) is a manufacturer of custom glass-to-metal seals, lithium battery seals, and hermetic feedthroughs. Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc (HST) was founded in 1994 by two engineers, Dave Tasset and John Wendeln, who each had nearly a decade of glass to metal sealing experience at the time.

HST quickly developed its own proprietary sealing glass to serve the needs of the lithium thionyl chloride, lithium sulfur dioxide, and lithium magnesium dioxide battery seal market. Growing on this success, HST then developed its “clean seal” technology allowing oxide free sealing of titanium and other difficult to seal metals. This technology allowed HST to become a leader in the implantable medical battery seal market with its superior non-oxide titanium implantable battery seals and titanium power feedthroughs. This technology and our quality approach to glass-to-metal sealing allowed HST to also serve the aerospace, industrial, military, and sensor market.

Hermetic Seal Technology routinely works with its customers assisting with part design and development to achieve the best most robust part for the particular hermetic application. HST’s goal is to provide the market with the best value in custom compression glass-to-metal seals by offering high quality, high technology, and the best value driven prices. When your technology depends on precision glass-to-metal seals, depend on Hermetic Seal Technology.

Clean-Seal Advantage:

Hermetic Seal Technology’s proprietary “clean-seal” technology allows oxide free sealing of titanium, molybdenum, platinum-iridium, stainless steel and other difficult to seal materials. The lack of oxidation means there is no requirement for post hermetic sealing oxide removal either chemically or mechanically. This all gives many advantages:

  • A reliable, robust, and repeatable seal with a high level of hermeticity and increased performance and operating pressures
  • No etching of glass and no chemical residue on glass that could affect the seal in the future
  • No etching of metal which can reduce tolerances and eliminate potential pitting of the material.
  • No stress on the glass seal from mechanical post-machining which could lead to glass cracking or seal failure

100% Leak Testing:

  • HST is the only glass to metal seal company that 100% leak tests all seals to ensure that every part produced is truly hermetic. Each and every glass-to-metal seal we manufacture is guaranteed to be hermetic to better than 1 x 10-8 cc/sec helium. When quality is critical, HST’s 100% leak checking helps its customers achieve success.