A Lifesaving Partnership in Implantable Medical Batteries

Summary: Hermetic Seal Technology, Inc. (HST) partnered with a medical battery manufacturer to design and produce high-reliability titanium glass-to-metal seals for implantable medical batteries. Facing a critical need for fail-proof, long-lasting battery seals, the customer leveraged HST’s unique “clean seal” technology to eliminate oxide formation and post-production cleaning. By utilizing specialized furnaces and exact control methods, HST provided a solution that not only met but exceeded the stringent requirements of the medical application. This led to a hermetic, leak-proof battery seal that boosted the client’s confidence and product performance, ensuring the success of their new medical device.

Industry: Healthcare/Medical Devices
Category: Custom Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Seal Design
Processes: Precision furnace sealing with multiple temperature zones, hermetic testing, visual inspection

A leading medical battery manufacturer was in the final stages of developing a groundbreaking implantable battery. However, they faced an urgent problem: the battery lid needed to be hermetically sealed with exceptionally high reliability to prevent any possibility of leakage or failure, given the life-critical nature of its application. The seal had to meet or exceed stringent medical requirements to guarantee the device’s long-term performance and safety. Titanium was the material of choice for its superior corrosion resistance and biocompatibility, but titanium is notoriously difficult to seal without the formation of oxides.

Hermetic Seal Technology (HST) was brought in to solve this challenge. Our engineers worked closely with the customer to design a robust battery lid utilizing our unique “clean seal” technology. This proprietary process employs special-purpose furnace equipment with multiple temperature zones and inert or reducing atmospheres. This environment enables us to produce oxide-free, precision seals that eliminate the need for any chemical or mechanical post-cleaning, a process that could compromise the tight machining tolerances and overall quality of the seal.

Each and every glass-to-metal seal produced underwent 100% hermetic testing, ensuring a truly leak-proof battery seal. To further guarantee quality, each medical battery seal was visually inspected under 15x high magnification. These measures instilled additional confidence in our customer, leading to successful deployment of their implantable medical batteries.

The seals not only met but exceeded the medical battery seal requirements. The final product achieved an unparalleled level of hermeticity and operating performance, solidifying the customer’s reputation as a leader in the field of implantable medical devices.