About Hermetic Seal Technology Inc.

Since 1994, Hermetic Seal Technology (HST) provides the best overall value and highest reliability whether the requirement is for a small quantity of prototypes or hundreds of thousands of hermetic seals.

HST produces custom hermetic glass-to-metal seals for lithium batteries used in oil exploration (down-hole) and military applications. We also offer customized hermetic seals suited for all your leak-tight power feedthrough requirements including industrial, sensor, and aerospace applications.

For the healthcare industry, we custom design and manufacture a unique line of medical implantable titanium and stainless-steel glass-to-metal battery seals used in implantable medical batteries powering devices such as pacemakers, heart defibrillators, and neuro-stimulators.  Each and every medical seal is not only 100% leak checked but is also 100% visually inspected under high magnification by an HST engineer.

For over 30 years, Hermetic Seal Technology has provided precision glass-to-metal hermetic seals and connectors to customers worldwide. With 100% leak checking on all seals and with Clean-Seal technology, HST is a true leader in glass-to-metal sealing technology. Let our engineers help design and build your hermetic application. Call an HST engineer today at 513-851-4899.

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